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Sustainable Construction Resource Centre and Library

STSD is in the process of establishing a Sustainable Construction Resource Centre and Library to provide detailed information to both the general public and experts.

As far as we are aware this is the first and only centre of its type in the South West. Information will be backed up demonstration models and samples of materials and products.

Initially the resource centre will be based at the Trust’s offices in the old Town Hall at Langport, and will consist of:

  • A library of useful information, publications, magazines and books on a wide variety of sustainable construction issues;
  • A video library, with viewing facilities;
  • Displays and models indicating the uses of a variety of sustainable construction materials and products;
  • Product information and directories of useful suppliers, experienced architects with expertise in sustainable design, and sources of further detailed advice;
  • A facility for hosting small workshops and training courses;
  • A small scale example of sustainable refurbishment of a listed building.

The Library and Resource Centre will be equipped in order that it can be used immediately in early 2001.

In due course we hope to open a larger scale Centre for Sustainable Construction with a larger variety of practical examples, products, mock ups and models on display, including a number of exemplar sustainable buildings. To take this work further we are seeking funding and other support (i.e. potential partners) for a Feasibility Study to identify the best location and path to achieve a long term exemplar Centre for Sustainable Construction. This will include a report on the replicability of such a scheme elsewhere in the South West region.

To visit the Resource Centre and Library contact:

Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development
Town Hall, Bow Street,
Somerset TA10 9PR

Tel: Fax:




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