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Research Links and Opportunities

The Trust is keen to develop and promote research on sustainable construction - both technical aspects and policy/strategy aspects. It is particularly keen to see research gaps filled that focus on:

  • Simplified forms of sustainable design and construction - simpler and more affordable alternatives to the high-tech approach.
  • Local sustainable construction strategies - assessing the best approaches, effectiveness and the economic, social and environmental benefits, and reduced costs.
  • The costings, economics and financing of sustainable housing.

STSD is keen to develop partnerships with educational and research organisations. We are a unique organisation, undertaking exemplar schemes, with close links to all sectors of the local community - so we offer a very practical, on on-the-ground perspective to more strategic research organisations.

Specific research opportunities that the Trust has identified include:

  • Planning policy and practice - planning policies and supplementary guidance, etc. that encourage more sustainable construction
  • Blueprint designs with costings for a) Community Buildings and Village Halls; b) Social Housing; c) Public conveniences; d) middle market volume housing;
  • Sustainable housing and affordable housing: barriers and opportunities for effecting change
  • Sustainable building products and materials supply chain - a) sustainable product design and development in the building sector - b) medium and long term regional sourcing.
  • Sustainable schools: key issues, benefits, needs and practical next steps
  • Sustainable health buildings: key issues, benefits, needs and practical next steps
  • Local economic benefits of more sustainable approaches
  • Consumer attitudes to more sustainable construction - a marketing led approach
  • Barriers to and Opportunities for significantly increasing the sustainability of construction: nationally, regionally, and locally.

Please contact the STSD office for more information about our research work and opportunities for research partnerships, and visit our Publications page for information on existing and planned reports and sustainable construction guides.



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