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Development Projects

The Trust is an ethical, community based, not-for-personal-profit developer, with social and ecological objectives. We work independently and in partnership with others, including:

  • Developers and builders;
  • Housing Associations and affordable housing providers;
  • Community groups (including Village Hall committees);
  • Local government and other public sector partners;
  • Individuals, groups, self-builders and co-housing projects.

So if you’ve got a site or a building project where you want a sustainable development to take place perhaps we can help.

Our current projects include:

  • Springmead, Chard: this is expected to be our first project - a social housing project including four Alms houses, probably involving a close partnership with the District Council and a local Housing Association, and employing Gale & Snowden Architects on the design work.

  • Ecological decoration and refurbishment of interior of The Town Hall, Langport - we are undertaking this work on behalf of Langport Town Council in our new offices and the Sustainable Construction Library and Resource Centre that will be opened early in 2001.

We have a variety of other potential projects that we are currently exploring, and have made offers on a number of potential sites. If you are interested in working with us on a potential project please contact us.



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