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The Sustainable Construction Skills Centre

A medium term objective for the Trust is to help establish a working Sustainable Construction Skills Centre. Ideally this would proceed in partnership with others, to create a sustainable construction business cluster that will act as a significant centre for a variety of work relating to sustainable construction, as well as a centre for hands-on education and training. The establishment of such a centre will help to deliver a variety of sustainable housing and construction solutions in Somerset.

Potential businesses and organisations that would be targeted to be involved in and based at the skills centre:

  • Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development
  • Ecological builders merchant
  • Green building company
  • Ecological architects
  • Traditional timber framing yard
  • Carpenters and high quality timber frame window makers
  • Ecological painters and decorators
  • Renewable energy supply installers i.e. solar panels and wind turbines, etc.
  • Specialists in rainwater harvesting, water efficient systems, etc.
  • Ecological landscape designers

If you are interested in helping to bring about the establishment of the Skills Centre or being involved as one of the potential occupants please contact the STSD office for further information.



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