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STSD Activities
This page covers the Trust's six main areas of activity - which are:
  • Development Projects - we are ethical, community based, not-for-personal-profit developers, with social and ecological objectives, and we work independently and in partnership with others; so if you've got a site where you want a sustainable construction project / development to take place perhaps we can help

  • Information and Education, Seminars and Training - Seminars: we have a full programme of sustainable construction seminars and events - and we are interested in arranging events in partnership with other interested organisations, so contact us if that might be you. We have also established a Sustainable Construction Resource Centre at our offices in Langport - call us to arrange a time to call in to use our library of books, product literature and other materials. If you don't live close by we can probably send you some useful information, so give us a call on or email

  • Consultancy - we provide training and consultancy to run events, establish local strategies and sustainable construction projects. As well as working closely with South Somerset District and Somerset County Councils, consultancy clients include Surrey County Council and North Somerset Council;

  • STSD Library and Resource Centre and Publications - we have a Sustainable Construction Library and Resource Centre at our offices which is open to the public and to professionals - it includes examples of sustainable building materials and products, as well as a vast amount of useful information in our library; we also have a growing list of publications for sale, some are written in-house and some are highly recommended books, guides and reports written by others - please call us on 01458 259400 if you want to arrange a visit;

  • The Sustainable Construction Project - we work in partnership locally with others, such as Councils and Housing Associations to promote and advance sustainable construction, as well as providing training and advice that helps other areas to develop their own local sustainable construction strategies

  • The STSD Membership - we offer a wide range of information and benefits to STSD Members to help them learn more about sustainable construction and to help us achieve our objective of making sustainable construction the norm by 2010



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