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Sustainable Construction Links:

Assocation for Environment Concious Building:
CAT, Centre for Alternative Technology, UK:
Gale and Snowden:
Timber Frame Company Ltd:
The Ecological Building Network - lots of very useful material on ecological building:
Environmental Building News (USA):
The Hockerton Housing Project: a first - an earth sheltered autonomous housing development (i.e. CO2 neutral, all energy and resources harvested and managed on site, etc.) in Nottinghamshire:
The Living Villages Trust: a company and Trust that undertakes ecological housing developments for sale, with a first scheme in Shropshire (UK):
Building and Social Housing Foundation:
SALVO recycled building materials and products market:
South Somerset District Council Sustainable Construction Project:
The Housing Forum (A response to the Egan Report Rethinking Construction commissioned by the DETR):
Construction Resources Exhibition Centre and products supplying:
Eco Friendly furniture
Walter Segal Self Build Trust:
Centre for Sustainable Construction, Building Research Establishment:
BRECSU at the Building Research Establishment (energy conservation in buildings):
The Zero Energy Development (ZED) project at Beddington, in the London of Borough of Sutton:

Architects: Ecological and Sustainable Design Specialists

Architype, London:
Constructive Individuals:
Gale & Snowden:
Feilden Clegg, Bath:
Somerset Architects with Sustainable Design Experience
Mark Richmond:
Mark Orme Architects:

Other Important or Useful Links

Development Trusts Association:
Triodos Bank:
Ecology Building Society:
Naturesave Home Insurance:
Urban Villages Forum:
Commercial Estate Agents
SUN (Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood) Initiative:

EcoDesign Links:

Centre for Sustainable Design:
EcoDesign Checklists:
O2 Global Network for EcoDesign:

Useful Sustainability Sites

Action Towards Local Sustainability (ATLAS):
UK Local Agenda 21:
Forum For The Future:
The Land Is Ours (via One World):
Plants For A Future:
Permaculture Association:

General UK Links

General International Links
and Green Building Challenge


Centre for Design, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology:

Online Resources

This page includes details of online resources that we believe may be useful, and includes the following topics:

Sustainable Product Design and Development

Free draft discussion paper concerning Sustainable Product Design and Development - go to for a DRAFT DISCUSSION PAPER 'SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND DESIGN (SPDD)' by Professor Martin Charter, Co-ordinator, The Centre for Sustainable Design, UK. - apply this thinking a) to building products, and b) to buildings as products to understand the direction the construction industry will be moving in during the next 10 years.

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