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Volunteering Opportunities with the Trust

The Trust is pleased to encourage and receive support from members and non-members in the form of voluntary work to help promote and encourage sustainable construction in the local area, and in Somerset and beyond, particularly in the South West region. Particular opportunities we have identified that would be well-suited to volunteering are:

  • Membership secretary: ½-1 day week
  • Office assistant: 1 day week
  • Student placements and voluntary research: especially architecture, construction (techniques, specifications, costings, etc.), planning, etc.
  • Sustainable Construction Resource Centre Librarian / Information Co-ordinator: ½ day week

We welcome other suggestions if you feel there is a particular area of work you would like to undertake on a voluntary basis for the Trust. Please contact: STSD Admin for more information. Remember, by volunteering your will help the Trust to achieve its exciting and challenging mission:

… to make sustainable construction the norm rather than the exception in Somerset by 2010.



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