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Website Development

We are particularly keen to develop this website during 2001 so that it can justifiably be recognised as The Sustainable Construction Website. We are very open to the idea that this could become a partnership website, linking together other key organisations that are actively involved in promoting sustainable construction issues and practices.

We have plans to develop a site that operates as an interactive data-base, that provides a great deal of useful information to users whatever their needs: individuals, builders and developers, Councils, students, Housing Associations …

Particular information we are keen to provide via this site:

  • Guidance on the benefits and considerations of different forms of sustainable construction e.g. timber frame with breathing wall, thermal mass, traditional building techniques, innovative modern solutions, etc.;
  • Guidance on different types of sustainable building products;
  • Guidance on sourcing materials and products, and design expertise;
  • Detailed case studies for different building types, including costings and general specifications: social housing; market housing; community buildings; offices; industrial / commercial units; schools and educational buildings; etc.
  • E-commerce facilities for key publications, guides, books and other resources;
  • We would also be keen to explore the potential for an e-commerce facility for an on-line eco-builders merchant.

If you would like to contribute financial or other support to help us achieve this or to become a partner in this project please contact the STSD office.



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