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Somerset Sustainable Housing

Somerset Sustainable Housing (SSH) was established in June 1999 as a not-for-profit community enterprise, working to promote and create sustainable housing in Somerset. SSH's objectives for 1999 and 2000 include:

  1. Produce and disseminate a practical Guide to Sustainable Housing for Somerset (What is it? and how do we create it?)

    Progress: The Somerset Sustainable Housing Study is complete (Nov '99), receiving very good feedback both locally and from national 'experts' - and the Study is now available to Councils, individuals, businesses, etc.

  2. To encourage the establishment, through consultation, of a partnership based, cross-sectoral sustainable housing strategy for Somerset, and a Sustainable Housing Partnership in Somerset, involving local authorities, housing associations and other relevant community and business organisations.

    Progress: SSH is part of a working group seeking to establish a partnership based sustainable housing strategy in South Somerset. Contact: Jane Tromans, Partnership Co-ordinator 01935 462211.

  3. To establish a Somerset Sustainable Housing Community and Business Network.

    Progress: SSH is part of an informal network of local individuals, groups and businesses with an interest in sustainable housing, but currently lacks the resources to formally launch and service such a network.

  4. To establish or help establish a Somerset based Development Trust (or similar organisation) to both: a) build a range of sustainable housing and b) undertake sustainable improvements to the existing housing stock in Somerset.

    Progress: The Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development was launched in May 2000.

  5. To help establish one or more Sustainable Housing Resource Centres in Somerset.

    Progress: a list of appropriate resources for a 'Sustainable Housing library' has been developed - now established at The Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development offices in Langport, Somerset.

  6. To help establish a working Sustainable Housing Skills Centre, ideally in partnership with others, to act as a significant centre for work, education and training that can help deliver a variety of sustainable housing solutions in Somerset.

    Progress: SSH has been involved in exploratory discussions about a Skills Centre with both Mendip DC and South Somerset DC, both of which have expressed interest. A potential source for funding the training elements of the project has been identified via a potential private sector partner.

The Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development has now taken this on as a core objective. The SSH project is endorsed by the Association for Environment Conscious Building, banks with the ethical bank, Triodos, and is receiving start-up funding from The Carpenters Company Charitable Trust and The Glastonbury Trust for the first stage of the project. SSH has also received grants from Mendip DC, South Somerset DC and West Somerset DC in exchange for use of the Sustainable Housing Study. Much of SSH's work has now been incorporated into the work and aims of The Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development.

Why do we need sustainable housing?

Download the "Why do we need sustainable housing?" file.

Practical Next Steps: Key issues

  • Focus on the Local Context: Sustainability and housing in the local area
  • Understand what sustainable housing is and how to create it. What are the various pieces of the jigsaw needed to put in place to create sustainable housing? What are the gaps at present?
  • Take advantage of the SSH Study i) this draws a number of key Conclusions about the local and national situation; ii) makes practical Recommendations about how to take things forward; and iii) includes various Appendices with useful information on contacts for skills, materials, information, etc.

Contact The Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development or other relevant organisations for advice or consultancy.

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